Indigo Sixteen Interview


Ahead of the release of their second single  ‘And What?’ at The Mash House, Indigo Sixteen gave us an interview with some insights about them & the band. To get to go the gig on Saturday the 28th of February check out 7ahead’s page for the show.
1. How do you all know each other & get together in a band?

We all met through Stephen (Guitarist/Lead vocalist) and Andrew (Bassist / Vocalist) looking to form a new band after a previous effort failed. At the same time, Callum (Drummer) and Matt (Guitarist) were looking to start a band of their own, asking Andrew (who knew them through school) for help in doing so. Instead Andrew asked them to join himself and Stephen, and after a first practice in April 2013 Indigo Sixteen was formed.


2. You played King Tut’s last year, ultimate dream, where would you like to play?

Glastonbury, Coachella or similar world famous festivals / venues.


3. Do you have any plans to release any other music, EPs, more singles, anything else?

Of course we hope to continue making and releasing new music, but there’s nothing completely set in stone yet.


4. Who inspired you to pick up your instruments?

Stephen – Ian Curtis, Oasis and The Smiths
Andrew – I’d have to say Chris Wolstenholme and John Entwistle. These days I’m inspired by Geddy Lee and John Paul Jones
Matt – Johnny Cash and probably Matt Bellamy.
Callum – For me it’s either Matt Sorum, Brandon Barnes or Dominic Howard. Legends.


5. What’s your favourite kind of soup?

Stephen – Heinz
Andrew – Heinz Tomato, or Carrot and Coriander.
Matt – I hate soup.
Callum – Has to be Tomato.

6. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened at one of your gigs?

We had to improvise and make a mic stand out of a crutch and a guitar stand at a gig as one was not provided.


7. What are looking forward to most about your single launch at The Mash House?

Performing again, there’s such a rush from it that you can’t get normally.
Thanks to the band for giving us this interview!