7 Questions with Nick Faye

Nick Faye

7 Questions with Nick Faye

Nick Faye & The Deputies are a band from the deepest depths of the Canadian Prairies (Regina, SK). They make music that sticks to your ribs… We chatted to him ahead of his European tour which includes a show at The Bluebird Cafe in Edinburgh on 14th May. 

For those who haven’t heard about you; can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your music?

As a kid I spent my summers camping and helping my Dad at our family farm in Saskatchewan. I was always surrounded by music around the campfire and always had top 40 pop-rock radio on while helping my Dad work in the fields and around the yard. Eventually in high school I started listening to metal and punk and started to go to shows in that scene. I guess my current sound is heavily influenced by all 3 of those musical experiences: Acoustic pop campfire songs, top 40 90’s pop-rock, and the passion/work ethic/high energy live set of DIY punk rock.

You hail from Regina, Canada. What was the music scene there like when you were growing up?

It was a really great experience when I started going to shows and playing shows in high school. Most of my friends and other bands who got their starts in Regina grew up in the punk/hardcore or acoustic scene. It was a really big thing in Saskatchewan. Some really big and great bands doing great things today got their start playing coffee shops and small town gymnasiums as kids. Northcote, Andy Shauf, Rah Rah, Library Voices, Teen Daze, Surf Dads, Close Talker, and Zachary Lucky are all examples of great bands or artists doing well that were involved in the Saskatchewan punk rock and acoustic folk scene when I was growing up. I was just fortunate to get to go to a show on any given night, watch great artists and high energy bands, and get motivated to go home and push myself to write better songs because I wanted to be a part of the scene.

What was it like working with Michael Wojewoda on the album you’ve just finished recording with your band (Nick Faye and The Deputies)?

Working with Michael was one of the most challenging, rewarding experience of my life. It was also the most creatively uncomfortable, in a good way. He really pushed me in preproduction to dig deeper as I was writing the songs, and pushed our band to approach recording in a completely different manner than which we had ever done before. We were not anticipating the amount of work, production tweaks, and energy that recording would take. We’d also never handed partial creative control over songs and recordings over to someone not in our band, so that took a bit of getting used to. That being said, we’re a better band and I’m a better songwriter for having worked with him, and we’re so fortunate to have gotten that opportunity.

You’re playing at the wonderfully tiny Bluebird Cafe in Edinburgh on the 14th of May, do you prefer playing smaller venues like this one or big arenas?

Haha well usually I only play arenas so……. Just kidding. It’ll be pretty standard for where I am in my career right now. The band has started getting booked for some festivals but usually it’s smaller clubs. I’m really excited to play shows in a new culture though. It’s always interesting to note the little cultural nuances even throughout Canada, so touring the UK should be a really cool experience!

You’re playing on the same bill as “Poor Nameless Boy” at The Bluebird. Have you played with him before and might we get you both “on stage” together?

Yeah! Poor Nameless Boy is great. We’ve shared the stage a few times over the years, and we’re in the same “musician pal circle” in Regina. He’s been working really hard over the past few years, and I love his songs. The last album is a real great listen. Yeah, him and I usually do a two part version of Bohemian Rhapsody whenever we share the stage so we’ll probably do that again…. Just kidding… Or am I? People will have to show up to find out!!

Who are you listening to just now and are there any bands you think we should definitely be checking out?

Most times I listen to local bands. Lately Surf Dads and Close Talker from Saskatchewan have been in my playlist. Outside of Saskatchewan, I’ve been going through a weird mid-00’s indie-emo-punk inspired rock phase and listening to Pinegrove, The Hotelier, and Microwave.. Guilty pleasure would probably be The Chainsmokers…. Good songs are good songs.

You’re playing Paris on the 24th of May how much are you looking forward to that and what’s next for you and The Deputies?

Really excited! I’ve never been to Paris before. This whole trip was meant to get out and get a taste for a few different cities and markets and network with awesome people in anticipation for our album release in Spring 2018. This summer will be all about developing content and getting our ducks in a row for our release. I’m planning to return to Europe likely in Fall 2018 with The Deputies to promote the album, so we’ll see everyone then as well!

For more about Bluebird Cafe and live music there www.thebluebirdcafe-edinburgh.com

and for Nick check www.nickfayedeputies.com

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