7 Questions with Ritual


7 Questions with Ritual

We chatted to Michael Johnson and Connor Webb about their new club night, Ritual.

For those that haven’t heard of you, who are Ritual?
Ritual is new club night run by two promoters involving disco, deep and soulful house and more, in which we are trying to create something new and different for the Edinburgh club scene.

What gave you the idea to set up the club night?
The idea came to us when as a DJ, Connor came down with the idea of starting a club night when he first moved here. Then when Michael came along we thought it would be a good partnership to team up as Michael was studying event management at the time and Connor sound production. When Michael saw that the Bongo club had Thursday nights available he mentioned the idea to Connor of hosting an 80s/90s night, when discussed with one and another they came up with putting on a night which involved disco, deep and soulful house as we have a great appreciation for the music and seen there weren’t many nights which did our genre of music.

The Edinburgh music scene takes a lot of criticism, What’s your opinion on the scene here? 
The Edinburgh music scene has always been a tough one to break into, and there is a lot of talent in Edinburgh and we have already met some great people along the way. Our opinion on the scene here is that is a total graft to get your name out especially if you are a new night with so many great nights that have been going on for years for small promoters such as ourselves it really is a hard scene to break into here, but not impossible as long as you stick to your guns through the good, the bad and even the worst, Edinburgh’s music scene can be quite welcoming but also quite frightening.

You’ve hosted a few collaborative nights, do you think it’s important to work together with fellow promoters? 
Most definitely yes! It is a great way to get your name out and to build relationships with your fellow promoters by teaming up with promoters, especially if they have been doing it longer than ourselves. For instance, for one of our nights, we hosted with the Tuesday Sneaky Pete’s crew Souljam by working with these guys it helped bring the right crowd who are truly there to appreciate the music, it also gives their following something similar yet different to bring to the table. If you are going to do it yourself then we have found it is best to do it with a night that relates to your kind of style of music.

Do you think Disco and Soulful House music attract a certain type of crowd? 
So far our music has attracted a great crowd, with everyone who has attended has been there for the music and from this, our crowds have created good vibes to go along with this as well. As we are a mostly a weekday night our crowds usually attract students mostly. Along with people who appreciate the music, we always try and make our nights welcoming to all for those who generally just want a fun night out, to the music gurus, but people often mistake our nights for purely disco and soul so we want to make it clear that this isn’t necessarily the case. We always chuck in some disco and soul into the mix regardless…but we love house!!

Who would be on your dream line-up for Ritual?
That’s a toughie as there are so many DJs we would love to get involved with Ritual, but if we were to pick a dream line up for Ritual I reckon it would be Moodyman, Kerri Chandler and Detroit Swindle, from the live band point of view it would have to be Yussef Kamaal.

Anything big planned for the rest of 2017, and beyond? 
Well, there are a few things in mind but for now, we are going to continue what we are doing and always look to improve our nights with everyone we have and continue to try and get slots at events to showcase our music and to give people more of an idea of what we are about. Definitely keep an eye on us though in the next two months as we are planning on hosting our first ever fringe show on the 5th of August with some special guests, and we will be appearing at our first festivals this year these being the Kelburn Garden Party on the Saloon stage, and also at the WoodYard Stage for the Woodland Dance Project #2.