Andy Oliveri & the Mountaineers @ Sneaky Pete’s 20/04/17

Andy Oliveri

Andy Oliveri & the Mountaineers @ Sneaky Pete’s

Until recently, Andy Olivieri was known as being part of the Cheltenham nu-folk scene as a solo singer-songwriter. However he has gone in a different direction thanks to his backing band, the Mountaineers, as a more intense and grand shoegaze outfit with this show in Edinburgh being the last show to close off their UK tour.

The support of the evening came from Glasgow based band The Dirty Lies, who also displayed a shoegaze style of music, but with lots more experimentation. The set started off with some Brit-Pop influenced sounds and they had the swagger to pull it off, reminiscent of “Definitely Maybe” era Oasis. As their set carried on they fell into the more experimental terrain. It was clear that the band as a whole were “in the moment” and they weren’t afraid to let those moments carry through to their natural conclusion before the song they were performing came to an end, which was exhilarating to watch. They finished off by mixing this brand of pop/rock with some light jungle beats to create something that is fairly unique. Admittedly, this isn’t a band that is going to fill a dancefloor any time soon but if you’re in the mood for something that is a bit different and just want to watch some good musicianship at play, then The Dirty Lies is definitely a band worth checking out in the future.

When it came to Andy Olivieri and the Mountaineers, the evening moved towards a more contemporary rock feel. At the start, it was clear there was a strong influence from the early days Radiohead, mixing that shoegaze rock sound with some catchy guitar riffs sprinkled throughout. The set had a great mix of ethereal sounding instrumentals with some straight-up rock that made the whole set blend together into one, wonderful cohesive sound. The only set back though was that the vocals were a bit muddy throughout. Considering Andy Olivieri started of a folk singer-songwriter, it would have been great to actually hear some of his lyrical content, which is what helped him get noticed in the first place. However, it was still an enjoyable show, especially when the last song of the set essentially became one giant jamming session. Watching musicians simply enjoying the sounds that their making on stage is never a boring thing.

Overall, there was a lot to enjoy about Andy Olivieri and the Mountaineers, and it’s clear that if they continue in this direction there’s going to be a lot more creativity coming from the band and hopefully more impressive performances like tonight.

Ian: Channel7A