Hue And Cry: Pocketful Of Stones

Hue And Cry: Pocketful Of Stones

Hue And Cry: Pocketful Of Stones

An album of masterful ballads and anthems, ‘Pocketful Of Stones’ is their first record of completely original material since 2012’s ‘Hot Wire’. ‘Pocketful Of Stones’ will be released on September 1st 2017 and, in addition to standard physical and digital versions, there will be a strictly limited deluxe version available containing hand-packed exclusive materials and a signed album (check HERE for details).

‘Pocketful Of Stones’ is the brother’s accumulated creative outpourings and observations from the past four years. Always writing from the heart, the album covers a tumultuous relationship with politics, examines their perspectives of love and parenthood, looks at how reflection in oneself can ultimately lead to appreciating what makes you truly happy, and what the shortcomings of failing to live up to modern societal standards can be.

So much has happened in the UK as of late, so fuel for the fire seemed unending for the Glaswegian brothers. Compounding political themes with those of a personal nature, Hue And Cry have created a significant and deeply affecting 12 tracks that will appeal to anyone who has an interest in human nature… from the parent, to the activist, to the young and disenfranchised. Family is also a recurring theme, as Pat’s youngest daughter Eleanor duets on the track ‘Let Her Go’, penned in tribute to her flying the nest and carving her path through the world.

Hue And Cry wanted to make an album that expresses how the immense pressures of just surviving in modern society can take its toll. Ultimately, Pat explains that ‘Pocketful Of Stones’ is “about sensing that time is running out for you to do everything you need and want to do. At this age and stage, you have responsibilities which you have to live up to. If “half a century has piled up” (as the title track lyrics put it), then you must know something by now.”

Hue and Cry

Musically, Hue And Cry have once again taken their favourite late crooner Frank Sinatra as a muse, with Pat explaining, “It’s about what kind of musical landscape a young Frank Sinatra, operating in 2017, would drape around his voice and his song. Yes, he’d use strings – but maybe also sound loops, synth washes, and odd grooves.”

 “Marvellously talented men” – Jools Holland, BBC Radio 2

‘Pocketful Of Stones’ exhibits the full spectrum of Hue And Cry’s formidable sonic repertoire. Pat’s soulful vocals, pair with the tense musical build ups and the dynamic shifts in mood of Greg’s compositions. The sound is brought to life with the expert musicianship of Hue and Cry’s band, “they’re all over this new album, Pocketful of Stones” Pat explains, “and they power our live shows to greater heights. We’re working with an amazing community of younger generation musicians who were inspired to take up their instruments by our big albums like Seduced And Abandoned, Remote and Stars Crash Down. It’s a golden era for us in Scotland in terms of sheer musical talent – and we’re proud to highlight and showcase that on Pocketful of Stones”.

To celebrate the announcement of ‘Pocketful Of Stones’, Hue And Cry have made the title song available to stream via YouTube. The track is a fantastic introduction the sound of the new album, including lyrics detailing the central theme of the album with what Pat Kane describes as ‘lots of poetic images… I love the way that Greg has arranged the song as one giant metronome, ticking away’. It also features the Glasgow String Quartet.


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Hue & Cry will return to the road with a run of dates in 2017



Sat 17 June: Let’s Rock | Leeds – Full band concert

Thur 29 June: Pizza Express | The Strand | London – Piano and vocals headline concert
Fri 30 June: Pizza Express | The Strand London – Piano and vocals headline concert


Sat 1 July: Pizza Express | Birmingham – Piano and vocals headline concert
Sun 2 July: Pizza Express | Music Room | Maidstone – Piano and vocals headline concert

Sat 8 July: Lets Rock | Southampton – Full band concert
Sat 15 July: Flashpoint Festival | Leicester– Full band concert

Sun 16 July: Robin 2 | Wolverhampton – Full band concert


Fri 25 Aug: Jazz Festival | Rye – Piano and vocals headline concert


Fri 16 Sep: Atkinson Theatre | Southport Piano and vocals headline concert

Sat 17 Sep: Unity Works | Wakefield Piano and vocals headline concert

November (Pocket Full Of Stones tour. Tickets on sale Friday June 23rd)

Fri 17 Nov: Fat Sams | Dundee – Full band concert

Sat 18 Nov: Tivoli Theatre | Aberdeen – Full band concert

Sun 19 Nov: Beacon Arts centre | Greenock – Full band concert

Fri 24 Nov: Liquid Rooms | Edinburgh – Full band concert

Sat 25 Nov: Town Hall | Hamilton – Full band concert

Pocketful Of Stones – Tracklisting

  1. It Happened Here
  2. The Way She Flies
  3. Beautiful Construction
  4. When We’re Not Strong
  5. Pocketful Of Stones
  6. Nobody Died
  7. Easy Street
  8. Deepest Space
  9. Conversation
  10. Edge Of The World
  11. Let Her Go
  12. Surprised By Joy


Studio/ Live Band Members

Pat Kane – Vocals | Greg Kane – Keys | Alyn Cosker – Drums

Paul Mills drums – Additional Drums | Allan McKeown – Guitar

John Paul Speirs – Bass | Paul Towndrow – Saxophone

Tom MacNiven – Trumpet | Tippi – Backing Vocals

The strings recorded on ‘Pockeful Of Stones’ were provided by the Glasgow String Quartet – 1st Violin / Jacqueline Speirs: 2nd Violin / Ian Budd: Cello / Betsy Taylor: Cello

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