Lou Mclean EP Launch @ Leith Depot | 08.06.17

Lou Mclean

Lou Mclean EP Launch @ Leith Depot | 08.06.17

On Thursday the 8th of June fans and friends of Lou Mclean gathered in the upstairs room of Leith Depot, to listen to the first performance of her new EP ‘Good Morning Easter Road’. Despite the snap general election and typical Scottish weather that day a good crowd turned up, and the room was filled with excited murmurs and laughter.

The first support act to get up on the little stage was Roberta Banana. The singer songwriter from Edinburgh impressed with her sweet, soulful and bluesy voice. The set was a simple acoustic set, with Roberta sitting down as she played her guitar. She found the perfect balance between being chilled out and confident. I loved her rendition of Billie Holiday’s All of Me, which really showed off her voice and the silence in the room just showed that everyone was just as enthralled as I was. My personal favourite was Roberta’s own original song – Let’s Change The World For Good. This happy, feel-good, upbeat song was the perfect ending to her set.

Next up was Megan Black, a young musician from Livingston. Just like Roberta, Megan played an acoustic set with a guitar. Her songs were varied, beginning with a couple of quieter, bluesy numbers. I particularly enjoyed the two covers she played, one being Dolly Parton’s Jolene and the other Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel. For both she put her own individual spin on the song. Megan has a beautiful voice, but I would have liked to see a little more energy in her performance. I think over time she will gain in confidence and I would love to see her play again in the future.

And then it was time for Lou. Having seen her perform earlier this year I was aware of her chatty nature and infectious personality and this time she delivered as always. Sporting a long pink floral dress and funky black platform heels, she entertained the crowd with funny anecdotes in between each song.

As Lou’s songs portray her experiences in chronological order she began with a couple of older tunes such as B.C and 10:57. Her brutally honest, genuine lyrics focus around heartbreak and the phases you go through. Despite some serious topics her charming character and her ironic sense of humour meant the atmosphere was fun and light hearted.

To introduce her new EP Lou told us how it came about – she had begun a new chapter in her life, having moved to Leith. With the move came a new exciting beginning, personally and musically, and therefore the birth of her new EP. The first song of the EP, Empty Cans, is catchy and upbeat. It reflects on Lou’s feisty, positive attitude and has you singing along even before you know the words. The next song, Bedtime Reading shows Lou’s great sense of humour as she explores the joys of having a night in with a good book. Then Lou followed with a more serious, melancholic song – Play Dead. Lyrically, this is one of her most impressive songs as she broaches the topic of abuse within relationships.

Lou then moved on to the last two songs of her EP. Her captivating song Green Shirt, Blue Eyes was inspiring, as she sang about figuring out who she is and finding her confidence again. The next song Poets & Flat Caps made the whole crowd, particularly fellow female musicians, giggle as Lou sassily explained her annoyance at her treatment by male musicians in the music scene.

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