The Harlitones at Sneaky Pete’s 11.06.17

The Harlitones

The Harlitones at Sneaky Pete’s 11.06.2017

On a peaceful Sunday evening, Harlitones, a three piece rock ‘n’ roll band from Aberdeen, came down to our very own Sneaky Pete’s for a loud evening of fun. Formed in late 2015, the band consists of lead singer and guitarist Calum McGee, lead guitarist Joseph Quinlan and drummer Jesus Rosas. The lads were supported by two local Edinburgh bands – The City Below and Betty & The Bass. Despite the typical Scottish weather that night a good crowd of fans, family and friends turned out to enjoy the night of rock ‘n’ roll and the small venue was comfortably filled.

First up were The City Below and for this rock band it was a particularly exciting evening, namely their debut performance. If I had not seen their faces, but just listened to their music I would have never guessed that the lead female singer is only 15 years old. Their set was strong, upbeat and delivered with confidence. The highlights of the performance were You Don’t Know Me and their own original Sirens.

Next on stage were the energetic trio Lyndsey Craig, Ben Wilson and Willie Conner who delivered their debut performance under the new band name ‘Betty & The Bass’. Their fun, old school rock ‘n’ roll attitude is infectious and combined with fantastic vocals from Lyndsey they pulled off an entertaining show. They performed some songs from their upcoming EP such as EGD, Somebody and Bruise Like a Peach. My personal favourite was their new, slower country song Mean Streak. Their set ended with their next single, the loud and upbeat Another Life.

And then it was time for the stars of the evening, the Harlitones. They began their set with a song from their EP ‘Wolf Whistle’ – Big Fat Rope. This crazy song is filled with thrilling riffs and definitely set the tone for the rest of night. They followed this up with Hold Me Close before moving on to another great song from their EP – The Guy In the Big Coat. This song begins with a funky, almost tribal drum beat, and just gets more wacky as it goes on, but in the best possible way. Next up was the captivating, fast-paced Swirl, their new single due out in September.

Throughout the one hour set they played other songs such as Terrenal, Time and Beggars. For good measure, and to the delight of the audience, they even threw in their own version of Jimi Hendrix’s All Along The Watchtower. Their upbeat song ‘Kids’ from their EP had everyone rocking along whilst the slower paced The Day I Met Sam, also from the EP, offered some variation to the rest of the set.

From beginning to end the band seemed at ease and they engaged with the audience. They impressed with great vocals, amazing riffs and enough energy to get the whole of Sneakys rocking along. I am sure I am not the only one hoping they return to Edinburgh soon.

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