The Katet launch new album: ‘Guillotine’

The Katet launch new album: 'Guillotine'

The Katet launch new album: ‘Guillotine’

Summerhall – Sunday 9 Oct 2016

Support from The Jellyman’s Daughter

This night was one of Summerhall’s ‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’ series of gigs and with 16 musicians on stage at one point very much proved the point … loads happens in the Edinburgh music scene!

Getting a pint of locally brewed beer for £4 ( Barneys Brewery is within Summerhall ) and going into what was The Dissection Room at a Vet School definitely sets the tone for an amazing evening! The only thing getting dissected was a chilly October Sunday night,  dissected into little pieces by the hot jazz greatness of the acts about to go on!

The opening act is Edinburgh’s Jellyman’s Daughter and the first strum of the mandolin brings it all together with the fairy lights and heavenly vocals of Emily Kelly to create a magical start to an amazing night. But don’t let the angelic magic fool you, these guys know how to get your foot stomping ready for the main act. The Beatle’s ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ cover from their debut album is something to remember, with it’s R&B cello and daring ‘female power’ vocals! PauGilbody, on double bass, joins the main duo for a few songs, including ‘Oh Boy’ and a sexy, folky rendition of ‘(You Make Me FeelLike) A Natural Woman’.

No words to describe what you’re about to witness” says Graham Coe, who plays the cello in both bandsabout the upcoming main act. And he was right there were no words to describe what we witnessed, but I am writing this review so have to come up with a few. Bear with me!

As a first timer to the magic of The Katet, I was simply blown away by the energy that the band was giving off. At one point you could seriously doubt if it was steam coming off the guys or if it was a smoke machine! was standing close enough to see every drop of effort on Mike Keamey’s face and I tell yathere was a lot of effort!

It was a very well directed performance which can appear unnecessary difficult with no corresponding payoff, but not in this case! Not at any point during the evening did I think that there was anything extrasomething they could do without. It all came perfectly together, every single string and key.

particularly liked the guitar parts from Jed Potts. I would be standing there enjoying some of the best jazz/funk music I have ever heard and then, Ohhhhh what’s that … it’s a kickass guitar solowhich no one expected! The fusion of genres was something to admire, beautifully executed by an exemplary team of talented people.

One of the tracks to watch out for on the new album is ‘Everything’s Not Gonna Be OK’ with it’s challenge to mainstream politeness. It is not all going to be OK but while we have bands like The Katet and people like Mike Kearney I think it’s not that bad!

My only sad thought on the night was that nothing recorded will ever sound as great as the live performance from this Soulfunk Monster. Oh wellthat just means we should go see them live as much as we can and in the meantime get the new album to keep us going!

Thank you for an amazing evening!

Guillotine will be available online from almajor stores on October 21st. Check out the band’s website and Facebook page for more information and news.

Words: Alena Yakushova

Images: Sandy McGhie