The Ramonas – ‘Speak Up’ single review

The Ramonas

The Ramonas

Back in the mid to late 70s a new form of music, and indeed lifestyle, evolved, you may have heard of it … it was called punk! One of the bands credited with kicking this movement into gear was New York four piece The Ramones, you may have heard of them as well! Here we are, some 4 decades later and I’m reviewing a single by a band called The Ramonas! An all girl band who, in one form or another, have been on the go for over 10 years and up until now have been a tribute band to the iconic New York originals! They’ve now brought out a single ‘of their own’!

‘Speak Up’ is their first released original material, it’s released on October 17th and will be followed up with an album early next year. To have spent so many years performing perfect tribute gigs to the original band it would be folly to change the direction of The Ramonas! Rest easy, they do what they know best!

With a quiet start, perhaps an introduction and expression of individualism, the song very quickly bursts into that wonderful trademark guitar and drum train-ride that gives these girls their sound. The riffs punch out on top of the relentless beats and the vocals shout out the message! It’s time to be heard! So good to hear music being used as an encouragement for expression. These girls ask you to ‘break your silence’, both in the bigger picture of things and this will work very well at the gigs they play. This song will slot in oh so nicely with their Ramones numbers!

The Ramonas Band

The band is made up by Cloey Ramona on Vocals, Rohnny Ramona on Guitar, Pee Pee Ramona on Bass  and Cammy Ramona on Drums. Having seen them a few times this single just reminds me of both the energy these girls put into their gigs and the message that the punk movement was all about! Be yourself … live YOUR life!!

Check their Facebook page for tour and release news and quite simply … GO SEE THEM!

Have a listen to the single ….

Sandy: 7ahead.