Hi, welcome to the Channel7A website. I’m Sandy, the guy that runs Channel7A and generally tries to help the live music industry in Edinburgh and Scotland as much as I can. I’ve been a live music fan for as long as I can remember. It’s probably Great Uncle Willie the piano tuner playing my Grandfather’s piano to thank for that, I’ve also seen quite a range of musicians since him though!

My background is in Graphic Design and the wonderful world of digital communication. Starting at Newspapers, let’s not mention the international news company I worked for, I got a buzz for publishing and generally seeing what an influence the written word can have on the world, the digital world especially intrigued me. I saw things change from print to online and then mobile completely took over to where we are now.

I eventually escaped from the newspaper business and started a listings and blog website in Edinburgh, mostly for the live music scene. I loved writing reviews and interviewing bands but one thing kept cropping up in conversation and just kept on growing and growing .... video!

At the time, about 2012. I rented an office from a company in Dalry Road in Edinburgh called Media Education. We regularly sat down together and discussed all things media and video and one day over lunch their boss Ian Shaw said ‘why not try live streaming Sandy’, so we did! We did 3 shows from their space called The Space with The Jellyman’s Daughter, King Eider and Man Of Mooon. Stressful is not the word, there was a team of 6 of us putting these live streams together but when it worked it was spectacular, everybody loved it!

So, the seed was sewn and slowly and quietly since then I’ve grown the business; small concerts leading to Festivals, small poetry readings leading to the First Minister at Stirling Castle. Celtic Connections, Tiree Music Festival and one organisation above all, I have to thank is The Scottish Storytelling Centre. Donald Smith and his team there have simply been my rocks! Support all the way through and just always encouraging me, I’m now working on something with them for next year or beyond so please watch this space.

Please click through the rest of the site for everything I offer, it’s quite a lot and honestly .... I’m easy to work with!